Precision Monitoring of Water Level in a Salt Marsh with Low Cost Tilt Loggers

Since then, the search for these cryptotephra deposits in distal areas has gone from strength to strength. Instantaneous deposition of geochemically distinct volcanic ash over such large geographical areas gives rise to a powerful correlation tool with considerable potential for addressing a range of scientific questions. A prerequisite of this work is the establishment of regional tephrochronological frameworks that include well-constrained age estimates and robust geochemical signatures for each deposit. With distal sites revealing a complex record of previously unknown volcanic events, frameworks are regularly revised, and it has become apparent that some closely timed eruptions have similar geochemical signatures. The search for unique and robust geochemical fingerprints thus hinges on rigorous analysis by electron microprobe and laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry. Historical developments and significant breakthroughs are presented to chart the revolution in correlation and precision dating over the last 50 years using tephrochronology and cryptotephrochronology. Little did we realize that tephrochronology and, in particular, the search for cryptotephra deposits, would become such an invaluable technique for Quaternary studies. This technique has long been prominent in volcanic areas, such as Iceland, New Zealand and Japan, but little did we know of its potential and promise for more distal regions. Here, I chart the development and advances that have brought cryptotephrochronology to the forefront of Quaternary science in Europe.

Precision 5550 Mobile Workstation

Fully customizable: The world’s smallest and thinnest 15″ mobile workstation. Shipping Free. The world’s smallest and thinnest 15″ mobile workstation.

Total cost for season: $1, The Developmental teams are The end date is contingent on the tournament dates and season schedule. Season End: Between​.

Dell announced a new series of Latitude laptops in August the series, the series and the series. All first generation xx10 Precision laptops except the are compatible with the E-Series Advanced Port Replicators. The second generation xx20 Precision laptops support the E-Series docking station for the and models, but not for the and models.

The third generation xx30 Precision laptops no longer support the E-Series docking station. Xeon EM 6 core 12M Cache, 2. Xeon EM 8 core 16M Cache, 2. EM v6 4 Cores 8M Cache, 3. DDR4 2 slots; soldered in 2-in-1 version. Notably, the 17″ models do not share a chassis with the Inspiron series anymore, and starting with the M the 15″ Precisions do not share a Latitude chassis either. This has several downsides: the power consumption during low load is high and thus the battery runtimes clearly suffer despite the high-capacity battery, and Intel’s QuickSync Video cannot be used.

These Precision models were released at roughly the same time as their D-series Latitude counterparts.

Precision Drilling Corporation (PDS)

This has been compounded by an oil price war, led by major oil producing countries, resulting in collapsed commodity prices and the deepest downturn the oil and gas services industry has ever experienced. As a result of acting quickly and aggressively, Precision has not suffered a shut down, interruption in services, or any capability reduction due to the pandemic.

We previously announced a series of steps to substantially reduce our fixed costs and capital spending plans, while continuing to support our High Performance, High Value business model. Furthermore, we worked with our banking group to amend the covenants on our revolving credit facility to maintain revolver access during these uncertain times with relief through the first quarter of

look like wimps—and the new king of the hill is Dell’s costly but colossal Precision , tested in a maxed-out Xeon/Quadro RTX configuration.

The performance. The returned value represents the time elapsed since the time origin. It’s important to keep in mind that to mitigate potential security threats such as Spectre , browsers typically round the returned value by some amount in order to be less predictable. This inherently introduces a degree of inaccuracy by limiting the resolution or precision of the timer.

For example, Firefox rounds the returned time to 1 millisecond increments. Unlike other timing data available to JavaScript for example Date. Instead, they represent times as floating-point numbers with up to microsecond precision. Also unlike Date.

Dell Precision 7540 Workstation review

EPEAT registration varies by country. For specific country participation and rating, please see www. New Precision Mobile Workstation.

date of quotation and shall be subject to variation by Precision immediately upon attorneys’ fees, costs of suit and other costs of collection incurred by or on.

An Abstract is a form which summarizes negotiation details. Abstracts are published to external web sites and can be viewed by suppliers without having to log into the system. Agreement terms are optional, and apply only when you have selected “blanket purchase agreement” as the auction outcome. Agreement Amount – Specifies the currency amount over the course of a blanket purchase agreement.

It is the maximum amount that can be issued against a blanket purchase agreement as long as the Amount Limit on the blanket purchase agreement is not increased beyond the Total Agreement Amount. All procurement organizations maintain lists that associate the items and services they buy with the companies who supply them, either formally or informally. This repository includes information about all suppliers with business statuses including Approved, Debarred, or New.

Attachments contain additional descriptive information about items, such as technical specifications or engineering drawings. Attachments can be an attached file, a URL address of a file, a short or long text message, or an existing document from the system document catalog. For each attachment negotiation creators select, they identify the class of accessor by assigning the attachment a category value. Depending on the category value assigned, only the appropriate users can view the attachment.

The file size limit for attachments is 10 MB. The total per-unit price offered by the supplier after all cost factors have been included. The address to which bills for purchased items is sent.

Low Cost, Precision Aerial Dropsonde Delivery Vehicle

Agency reasonably determined that the proposal was unacceptable in that area and excluded the firm from the competition on that basis. Precision contends that certain specifications and evaluation criteria in the RFP were defective. The RFP was issued on August Award was to be made to the offeror whose proposal. Was determined to be most advantageous to the government. Which were listed in the RFP in descending order of importance.

At constant protein abundance, increasing transcription increases both precision and cost of gene expression. Because biochemical constraints.

Precision believes the NCIB continues to represent another tool for the Company to enhance the value of its underlying shares. Purchases under the NCIB may commence on August 27, and will terminate no later than August 26, , or such earlier time as the Company completes its purchases pursuant to the NCIB or provides notice of termination. Purchases under the NCIB will be made through the facilities of the TSX and the NYSE or alternative trading platforms and in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements at a price per Common Share representative of the market price at the time of acquisition.

The Company intends to fund the purchases out of its available resources. The Company intends to enter into an automatic securities purchase plan effective August 27, under which its broker may purchase Common Shares in connection with the NCIB. The plan will contain a prearranged set of criteria in accordance with which its broker may make Common Share purchases. These strict parameters enable the purchase of Common Shares during times when it would ordinarily not be permitted due to self-imposed blackout periods, insider trading rules or otherwise.

Such plan is adopted in accordance with applicable Canadian securities laws and the requirements of Rule 10b under the U. Securities Exchange Act of , as amended. About Precision Precision is a leading provider of safe and High Performance, High Value services to the oil and gas industry. Precision provides customers with access to an extensive fleet of Super Series drilling rigs supported by an industry leading technology platform that offers the most innovative drilling solutions to deliver efficient, predictable and repeatable results through service differentiation.

Precision also offers well service rigs, camps and rental equipment and directional drilling services all backed by a comprehensive mix of technical support services and skilled, experienced personnel. Precision is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Abstract: Several salt pannes and pools in the Sage Lot tidal marsh of Waquoit Bay system, MA were instrumented with newly developed Arm-and-Float water level gauges utilizing accelerometer tilt logger permitting to record water level fluctuations with accuracy of 1 mm and submillimeter resolution. The methodology of the instrument calibration, deployment, and elevation control are described.

The instrument performance was evaluated. Several month long deployments allowed us to analyze the marsh flooding and draining processes, study differences among the salt pannes.

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Index-Based Cost Estimation Procedures with Accuracy and Precision Analysis

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Please be aware that Massachusetts Secretary of State backdates all certificates one business day from the date the certificate is produced. In congruence with this policy, as of MA will no longer issue any certificate on the same day a filing is made if that filing could possibly have an affect on the information provided within the certificate. Such certificates will only be issued once the certificate date back one business day matches the date of filing or a subsequent date. A ny certificate ordered on that Monday, once backdated to the prior business day Friday , would reflect a date prior to the entity’s formation, thereby rendering the certificate innacurate.

Electronic vs Gold Seal. Electronic certificates are emailable black and white certificates for which there is no hard copy of the document. All electronic certificates include the transaction fee described at the bottom of this page. Gold Seal certificates are originally issued documents with an official gold state seal affixed. For certificates that are available in both formats, PCS will obtain the electronic format by default unless instructed otherwise.

Precision Drilling Corporation Announces 2020 First Quarter Unaudited Financial Results

Our priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy. Our Flatiron studio is currently closed in accordance with the government mandate until further note. We will continue to closely track every new development related to COVID and follow the guidance of government authorities in order to determine when the studio will re-open.

Instead, they represent times as floating-point numbers with up to microsecond precision. Also unlike (), the values returned by.

The scope of the study covers various types, sizes, and scopes of transportation projects delivered by State highway agencies. Although not the focus of this study, the applicability to major projects spanning several years should be addressed. The study involves collecting, organizing, and analyzing data from various highway agencies and other facility owners. The research product is guidance for State highway agencies to assist them in determining how best to use cost index data to improve the accuracy and precision of project estimates.

Identify gaps in the current knowledge base, as well as successful practices, that may exist. Validate the method using historical data or backcasting to determine its effectiveness. You are here Home. Project Information Project ID:. Project Abstract:. Goals The objectives of the project are to: 1 Determine the current state of the practice in using construction cost index data to develop project estimates.

Project Status:.

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