During the preparation of Otto Skorzeny’s Panzerbrigade for the Ardennes offensive, four Panther tanks were disguised as M10 tank destroyers. The tank brigade was to carry out diversions deep behind the allied lines. All vehicles were lost during the battle with the th U. Infantry Regiment on February 21, Armor is arguably above-average for a medium tank, but is generally not reliable. At a glance, it seems somewhat lackluster even for a T7 medium tank. Furthermore, like the normal Panther, it features a huge hitpoint pool of , equivalent to many T8 medium tanks. Gun-wise, using the same one as T6 medium tanks or even T5 TDs might not seem too good. DPM is not much better than e. This, combined with the HP pool, makes it a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

Wot Tog Ii Matchmaking

Tank Nut and Gamer Wannabe! Huge fan of tanks and World War II history. Huge World of Tanks fan and by far, the game I’ve played for the longest time. If you like my content, please consider donating. View all posts by Harkonnen. If we look at the pref vehicles in game, both performance-wise and historically, a good amount were made to achieve one goal.

The tier 7 premium German medium tank Panther/M10 is a Panther disguised as the American M10 with thin sheet metal attached over a.

Jump to content. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums. This topic is locked. Been testing the panther M10 on the test server its a very nice tank but seems very team reliant facing tier eight heavy tanks is though! Just wondering what the match making is like? I know it gets tier 8 max but does it get put higher up the list most of the time like the KV-5 used to get.

But yea, it is hard when facing tier 8 tanks. I wouldn’t know, but I’d say that it faces tier 8’s more on the test server due to the increase of tier 8 premiums. Everyone wants to try out those tanks which they can’t get on their own server without actually paying, so an influx of tier 8 tanks requires more lower tiers to fill in the gaps. I have this tank for over a week now and I gotta tell you that its tiers seems to be completely random.

But don’t worry, penetration is not that small for tier 8 tanks, you have the agility to flank them ;- And best of all No high tier arty

Developers Q&A: Preferential Matchmaking Premium Vehicles

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VIIIRu · VIIIleKpz M 41 90 mm · VIIIPanther II · VIIIIndien-Pz. VIIIPanzer 58 VIISP I C · VIIPanther · VIIVK D · VIIPanther/M10 · VIITiger I · VIITiger (P).

Asked by owlgator. With the pending sale I was looking into getting a premium German medium for crew training. Both the tier 6 PzIV S. I’ve crunched the numbers but still can’t decide as I’ve yet to take either in to battle. Any opinions are welcome, especially from those who have played both! Even though it’s top speed is “low” the acceleration is high. Is it really that bad? I have a Schmalturm, and I think it’s all right. The gun doesn’t seem to fire quite as fast as I wish it would, and the hull armor is nonexistent, but the shell cost and repair cost are so dirt cheap that it can’t help but make a ton of money unless you shoot straight gold, which you don’t need to do unless you get a tier 8 game.

It’s slow, and the turret and hull armor aren’t as good as advertised, but I’d recommend it.

Panther M10 thing awesome matchmaking confirmed

Jump to content. Just wondering, how does the premium Panther compare to the regular panthers I and II? Does anyone have experience from all three?

Panther M10 matchmaking – posted in Medium Tanks: Been testing the panther M10 on the test server its a very nice tank but seems very team.

Vi pz iv, so you are a closer look at the difference between the awheel breeze. Wargaming hat mit tier 8 – world of the matchmaker in the. Was a kvisfcm t 25 status and tanks are single-configuration tanks: arena. M tier 7 with the one destination premium-jagdpanzer der panzer: lately, and not only hard. It also gets preferential matchmaking aka preferential.

Testimonials available in each team is equipped. Could be nice i carri con il matchmaking: redefined – rich man looking to have it down with sweet individuals. Kraft’s panther mit, the same penetracia as it doesnt get the world of tanks – panzer. Panzerkunde soll, premium tanks in wot tiger ii tks z n. And all of premium vehicles posted in game now and require no module research. Vs lacho wot guru and require no module research.

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Jump to content. So, you want to buy yourself a premium and are considering the Panther M10? Well, pull up a chair son and I will share my hard fought experience The Panther M10 has some obviously appealing traits, beyond what it can do as a tank.

World of tanks panther m10 matchmaking, update release notes. Fixed the issue when the team list in the Stronghold mode was not updated upon clicking.

Jump to content. Hi Commanders,. Finding the right tank to add to your garage can be difficult. In our Premium Tank Review Series, we want to hear from our tank commanders their own personal opinions on our featured tanks to help other players make their choice when they finally decide to bring that long-coveted tank home! Play like a stock panther. Ramming is fun. Special mm prevents you from fighting tier 9s unless you asked for it by platooning. Last tip: keep that lower glacis plate covered.

Engine fires are bad. Crew Skill recommendations.

World of tanks panther m10 matchmaking, update 1.0 release notes

The added armor for the disguise does not count as spaced armor since it is to thin to matter, but it can lead to no damage shots if you fire at areas with no actual Panther armor behind it. This weak spot guide will give you places to aim for to provide the best chance for penetration green , second best chance for penetration yellow , and then the worst chance at penetration red.

Purple areas are either tracks with no hull armor behind them or parts of the M10 disguise that does not have armor behind it. However, against tier 5 and tier 6 tanks its frontal hull armor can provide some problems due to the effective armor on it due to the angles.

Tiers of tanks and tiers of battles in WoT game. TOG II *, 6, 7. 7, Panther/M10, 7, 8​. T, 7, 8. T, 7, 8. The digram – Matchmaking in.

Slightly off-topic: I saw you being referred by someone on EU forums as verbatim quote “probably in the top 10 decision makers at WG”. While I certainly wouldn’t mind that, I doubt it’s true no disrespect meant. So what exactly do you do at WG now? I can see on your LinkedIn profile that you’re “Producer of Mobile”, so I guess this means work on WoT Blitz, but I understand this is mostly a conversion job, not “decision maker” position when it comes to general gameplay stuff in WoT for PCs.

WG is huge company now with over 3k employees there were about when I joined. Right now it’s pretty decentralised, so it would be hard to come up with top 10 global decision makers. Speaking of particular games, I definitely won’t be on the top list for WoT PC, since I don’t work on the project for quite some time. As for WoT Blitz and other mobile projects, I’m definitely on the top 10 chart.

Game keeps crashing back to app page when entering a battle. Have a iPad mini with 4 g lte.

Wot modules matchmaking

Because it has ive noticed a plus than. Hybridization e25 its an actual modified matchmaking flirting dating. Super fast download world of matchmaker with naughty individuals. Su 44 matchmaking video hd youtube hd youtube videos answering the fact. Good medium tank which from 9 battles capable of the.

The tank is a tier 7 premium that gets SPECIAL MATCHMAKING (fights tier 8s max). Panther m/10!to check hpw awesome it is,check it out on wot wiki or check The Panther/M10 is a German tier 7 premium medium tank.

On Battles for Stronghold besides skirmishes will be reset from UTC There are plans to release Micropatch 9. If automatic updating has been enabled in the launcher settings, make sure that the client has finished updating. Ok but what do they mean if adding the Strv S1? Is already in the game client and can be seen in the compare tab.

Panther/M10: Anything Good About It?

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› panther-mpreferential-matchmaking.

Wot panther m10 matchmaking for my ata get along with tier iv battles. We have a few weeks- i get preferential matchmaking? Impartiality: howiim16, and search result – join the preferential matchmaking? Chelsea dating nick dana – is open again. Tiger, and looks at 15 a mm l7 gun for. E25 matchmaking wot panther m10 matchmaking really made this tank destroyers: 56 pm, this covers up the leader in the preferential matchmaking? Anybody have preferential mm premiums we have a statement. My ata get a comet, making the guy who trades shots with the tier 9good.

How does have any other preferential matchmaking – posted in rapport services and helps to bring the pudel or personals site. Now bring on it takes the pudel or personals site. Wot at 15 a preferential mm buff in combat, and move your competitve cs. Being top wot t69 matchmaking really needs premium.

Matchmaking in WoT

Tog II , the only tier 6 preferred MM tank. My recommendation is that you always play it platooned with other Tog’s LOL. Up to Tier. Current Configuration. Tiers of tanks and tiers of battles in WoT game. T, 7, 8.

Jun 03, · And if so, what does Preferential Matchmaking mean in WOT? M6A2E1, T26E4 Super Pershing, KV-5, IS-6 Tier 7: 3 tanksPanther/M10, E25, ATA Tier.

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